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Whether you’ve just installed your hot tub recently or you’ve had it for years, regular maintenance and cleaning can slip anyone’s mind. Simplify the struggle to keep up by having our professional service schedule regular maintenance and cleanings for you.

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     Maintenance and Cleaning for Hot Tubs

    If you want to add years to the life of your hot tub, it’s vital to properly maintain the circulation, scrubbing, and filters. NJ Hot Tub Pros takes care of these three aspects of maintenance and more.

    Circulation is vital to the general health of your hot tub pumps and pipes. Our technicians make sure that the circulation cycles of your hot tub are running smoothly. Sometimes residue from skin and hair products can build up in your hot tub’s system and the technician will add a cleaning powder to eliminate those residues.

    Filters are obviously very important and need regular maintenance in order to function properly. Just like a pool filter, a hot tub’s filter will need to be soaked in a chemical solution from time to time in addition to regular rinsing and spraying.

    Filters often do well with one, two, or even all three of these cleaning methods. Our skilled experts will discern which method is needed for your filter, or if perhaps all three methods are needed. Sometimes, they might suggest filter replacement if rinsing, spraying, and soaking are not getting the filter quite clean enough.

    NJ Hot Tub Pros is happy to perform these regular maintenance services, including the cleaning of your filters and a thorough check of your hot tub’s circulation cycles. Call us to schedule these services so that your hot tub experience is hassle-free.

    Hot Tub Cleaning Service

    People usually like to soak in their hot tubs, basking in the bubbles and reclining against the massage jets, more than they like to scrub out the tub. So take advantage of our popular scheduled cleaning service and let NJ Hot Tub Pros scrub the interior, clean the exterior, remove scum, and thoroughly scan your tub for any signs of cracks or mildew. For an additional fee, our cleaning service can include a flush of the tubes and plumbing, and filter replacement services.

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    Maintaining Proper Hot Tub Chemistry ​

    The Size of the Batch of Water

    When it comes to chemistry and sanitization, don’t think of your hot tub as a miniature swimming pool. What makes sense in a 30,000 gallon pool just doesn’t work in a 400 gallon portable hot tub.

    A typical pool can cost nearly $600 to fill with water, so not many people are willing to drain and refill it without a pressing reason. On the other hand, hot tubs cost less than $3 to fill on average, and can get dirty much more quickly than a larger body of water like a swimming pool. It only takes 4 people submerged in a hot tub to equal approximately 80 people in an average pool. Add to that, hot water causing people to sweat and the massage jets rubbing oils and dead skin cells from the soaker’s bodies. Now you’ve got a dirty tub of water worth about $3. Don’t over-treat with loads of expensive chemicals.

    Is the water open or sealed?

    Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the chemistry of your hot tub is that a tub or pool without a cover needs chlorine daily in order not to become swamp water. It catches loads of debris, from pollen to insects and leaves, even if no person steps into the water.

    But your average covered, portable hot tub is a sealed and insulated tank that protects water from the outside environment. It doesn’t collect debris daily and doesn’t require a daily dose of chlorine or other sanitizer. Unless, of course, you are taking the cover off and soaking in your hot tub every day!

    Daily Use

     A sealed hot tub can store clean, sanitary water indefinitely if no one lifts the cover or steps in for a soak. The more often you soak in the water, the more often you will need to test and adjust the chemistry. If you are not using your hot tub very much, there’s no need to pour chemicals into a tub that you are not using.

    The material in the tub

    Porous concrete and/or plaster are usually used to construct in-ground pools. These materials require a perfect balance of pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. An imbalance in these things can result in damage and expensive repairs.

    By contrast, your hot tub is constructed of non-porous plastic that can resist the rough chemical environment that is typical for hot tubs. The plastic is so durable, it’s actually resistant to the level of pH that would cause damage to concrete and plaster. In fact, you can purposely adjust hot tub pH to a more acidic level to get your chlorine working twice as hard.

    Dunking vs Soaking

    Most people can (and should!) keep their heads above the surface of the water when they are soaking in a portable hot tub. Therefore, the pH doesn’t need to be adjusted specifically for sensitive eyes and sinuses. Lowering the pH and keeping the water slightly acidic helps your chlorine perform better and is actually more comfortable for your skin.