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Before you attempt to do it yourself, or get your handy cousin to take a crack at it, call the hot tub experts for help with your hot tub. There are so many parts to a hot tub that need to all be working properly in order for it to function just right. From motors to heaters, lighting, control panel, plumbing, filters, jets, etc. it pays to call for repairs when you need them, and have them fixed up right by the pros who know hot tubs! Call Tony today, expert hot tub technician serving NJ and PA for any and all issues with your hot tub or jacuzzi spa tub. Great service, great value, and best of all your hot tub will be fixed and working again in no time! Tony has experience repairing all makes, models and brands of hot tubs. Don't hesitate to call and get a quote today for expert hot tub service and repairs for Trenton NJ and all surrounding cities and towns in the New Jersey area. 

Hot Tub Maintenance NJ

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    Types Of Hot Tub Repair Services We Provide: 

    Here is a list of some of the repair and maintenance-type services we provide for our hot tub customers in New Jersey: 

    • Hot Tub Repair NJ
    • Hot Tub Jets Repairs
    • Filter Replacements and Repairs
    • Cleaning Service for Hot Tubs
    • Hot Tub Service NJ
    • Hot Tub Maintenance
    • Spa Tub Opening
    • Spa Tub Closing
    • Winterization for Hot Tubs
    • Hot Tub Damage Repairs
    • Freeze Damage Repairs for Hot Tubs
    • Hot Tub Plumbing Repair
    • Hot Tub Heater Repair
    • Hot Tub Cabinet Repair
    • Control Panel Repair for Hot Tubs

    Jets not working? Heater in your hot tub on the fritz? No matter what the issue, a broken hot tub can be a major annoyance. Get back to enjoying your hot tub and call for help to get it back up and running so you can relax in it anytime you wish! Call Tony today for a quote on hot tub repair services if you're looking for "hot tub repair near me" in New Jersey and PA. 

    Hot Tub Repair Service Trenton NJ

    We strive to be the top hot tub repair and service providers in Trenton, NJ and all towns within 50 miles. Our skilled technicians know exactly what to do, from general routine maintenance to diagnosing and troubleshooting issues. They’ve seen it all! Here are some very common repairs:

    • Pump repair​
    • Heater repair or replacement​
    • Repair of the shell of the tub
    • Refinishing or even replacement of the cabinet
    • Circuit board repair
    • Plumbing
    • And a lot more

    ​After years of wear and tear, single parts can start to malfunction. One of our most common repairs and/or replacements are for pumps. They do a lot of work, so it’s understandable why they break down after awhile.

    After owning your hot tub for a few years, you might encounter problems with the heater. It’s another part that has a big job to do, so it’s not uncommon for heaters to wear out and need replacement during the lifespan of your hot tub.

    Even small plumbing problems can end up causing big issues. Our team will identify the exact problem and know precisely how to fix it so that you don’t have to miss out on another relaxing soak.

    hot tub leak repair nj

    Hot Tub Leak Repairs Trenton NJ

    Hot Tub Repair New Jersey

    If you have a leak in your hot tub, we know how to fix it! Leaks can come from a variety of places like shell cracks, gouges, or scratches. What causes that damage? It could be anything from harsh weather to normal wear and tear.

    ​Some leaks are simple to fix in just a few hours. However, occasionally there are leaks caused by bigger issues that may take several hours to repair. Luckily, our experts can pinpoint and fix the issue no matter the size.

    Since hot tubs are full of pipes, pumps, and valves, it’s not always easy to locate the source of a leak. We advise against DIY, and strongly recommend that you work with a professional in order to ensure you get the proper repair. Even if your repair is more complicated or rare, our 10+ years of experience and high standard or service have you covered.

    Hot Tub Freeze Damage Repair

    In frigid winter temperatures, extensive damage can occur to your hot tub if the water is stationary. Always check your hot tub regularly to make sure it’s working, even at a minimal speed. If you don’t plan to use or check your hot tub regularly, make sure you call NJ Hot Tub Pros for proper winterization. And if you have the unfortunate experience of your hot tub freezing, call us and we will get your spa back in working order.

    Parts of the Hot Tub

    • Air Jets: Usually found in the bottom of the tub, air jets create the fun and relaxing bubbles that surround you when you soak in the hot tub.
    • Filter: Just like a pool filter, a hot tub filter catches debris such as moss or algae that can slip through a skimmer.
    • Heater: Because of the variety of heating units and many components within them, specialized knowledge is needed in order to understand how they operate.
    • Hot Return Line: This part of the hot tub is also known as the return line and includes the pipes, valves, and fittings that lead from the heater to the manifold.
    • Massage Jets: Massage jets force water back into the hot tub via the circulation pump. While air jets create bubbles, the massage jets provide a massage experience under the surface of the water.
    • Manifolds: A common spot for leaks, the manifold meets the return line with the hot water line and gives you a nice supply of deeply relaxing, hot water.
    • Pump: Responsible for operating the suction line as well as the skimmer, the pump basically forces water into the hot tub and suctions water out of it.
    • PVC Tubes: Most hot tubs use PVC for their piping system. The piping system also includes valves, but when a technician is checking for leaks, they are more concerned with the PVC.
    • Suction Line: Powered by the pump, the suction line keeps the hot tub water clean and moving by pulling water through the pipe network as well as the filtering system before returning it to the tub.
    • Venturi Air Control: that dreamy, bubbling magic of a hot tub is possible via passive suction created by air control. Air control is pretty important to all plumbing systems