Hot Tub Winterization Trenton NJ

New Jersey temperatures in the winter often dip below freezing. If you have a hot tub, it can be great fun to get warm in the cold weather! But if you’d rather protect your hot tub from dropping temperatures, call NJ Hot Tub Pros to properly store and winterize your hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa.

When we winterize, we make sure every drop of water is cleared from your hot tub system. We then use antifreeze to protect the pipes. From disconnecting power, to ensuring that the pipes are protected from possible freeze damage, our professional technicians will have your hot tub prepared for the winter months.

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    Spa Tub Opening/Spa Tub Closing Service

    By removing water from the system and closing your hot tub for the season, you protect it from possible freeze damage over winter. When it’s time to open your hot tub again, all the winterization steps must be undone.

    The first step to opening your hot tub, after removing the cover, is to examine the system for possible damage from the harsh weather. This is an excellent time to have NJ Hot Tub Pros come to check the pipes for any signs of freeze damage.

    Your second step is to thoroughly clean the whole system, from the filter to the shell and cover, using the appropriate acrylic cleaners. As we do this we carefully check the condition of your filter and pump to make sure they’re in optimal working order.

    Lastly, we will reconnect all fittings and do a final check of the pump, filter, and heater. We make sure that all components are in their proper positions and that everything is in good condition before we fill the hot tub.

    Hot Tub Freeze Damage Repair Service

    Freeze damage occurs when water in the hot tub system expands and causes pipes to burst and crack. Understandably, it can do a lot to hurt your hot tub. The most damage often occurs to the pump, but it is absolutely repairable if caught soon enough. In some cases damage isn’t repairable when a hot tub has been sitting frozen for a few weeks. If there’s even a chance of freeze damage, call NJ Hot Tub Pros to evaluate your hot tub and make any necessary repairs.